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    Commonly Asked Questions
    Q. Can you help make my business greener?

    Yes! We operate a zero-to-landfill policy. Aiming to recycle or repurpose as much of our customers waste as possible. We offer many different waste streams to ensure you can reduce how much waste you put within a general waste bin. We always strive to increase recycling rates, to save you unnecessary costs on higher volume general waste collections.

    Q. Can you help reduce our waste?

    With the correct help, there are many things you can do to reduce the waste output from your business. A waste audit can highlight various ways of improving, such as.

    • Improved internal processes
    • Improved waste collection
    • Better understanding of the waste management hierarchy
    • More efficient purchasing of reusable products

    We can help guide your business towards higher sustainability goals, to ensure you are maximising on all areas where possible.

    Q. Where does my business waste go?

    Depending on your location and the type of waste your business produces, your collection will be transported to a nearby Material Recycling Facility (MRF) for responsible processing and sorting.

    Operating a zero-to-landfill policy. We aim to recycle or repurpose as much of our customers waste as possible.

    Our processes always minimise the distance needed to travel, to ensure the lowest carbon footprint possible.

    Q. Can I view your waste carriers licence?

    Of course, please click here to view a copy of our waste carriers licence.

    Q. What is a Waste Transfer Note?

    Waste Transfer Notes (WTN) are either digital or physical documents that provide proof of the correct transfer of non-hazardous waste from one party to another. This is vital in maintaining correct duty of care that business and individuals have on our environment. Waste Transfer Notes prove that the waste produced from your business has been correctly handled, leaving an audit trail that can be reviewed if something goes wrong.

    A Waste Transfer Note is a legally required document for businesses in the UK and is an important way to track waste transfer from your business to its final destination. All businesses need to prove that they are disposing of waste legally.  A request can be made to present proof of your WTN to the Environment Agency or your local Council at any time, so it is important you have an up-to-date copy at all times. You are also required by law to keep your Waste Transfer Note for a period of three years.

    A Waste Transfer Note will also give you peace of mind knowing that your waste is being handled in accordance with government guidelines, and not being illegally dumped.

    You cannot take your business waste home. If found to be disposing of your business rubbish at home, you are at risk of receiving a fine.

    A standard Waste Transfer Note is for non-hazardous waste only. For anything hazardous such as, battery waste, chemical, pharmaceutical, or electronic, you must have a Hazardous Waste Consignment Note. When you book a hazardous waste collection with Curbside, we will provide this for you to ensure of the appropriate hazardous waste consignment note for your business.

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