Aspiga working with Curbside.

Working Together

Who is Aspiga?

We are one of only a handful of fashion brands to have been awarded B-Corp for meeting high standards of social and environmental performance with traceability and accountability. Originally set up selling beaded sandals, Aspiga has grown to seasonal collections of womenswear from resort to tailoring, swim and some menswear.

Previous Waste Management Experience?

Our previous waste programme was inline with our sustainable ethos, however the cost was extremely high and it was not possible for unity across our ever-expanding store locations.

Curbside Solution?

The flexibility and cost is great for our small but growing brand. Being able to have the same waste management implemented across our multiple store locations enables us to take better control of our waste which is crucial as a sustainable brand.

New Experience with Curbside?

Great and quick customer service, easy for multiple locations. The clear information and flexibility for collection rates etc in addition to the lower costs has been great.

"The flexibility and cost is great for our small but growing brand."

Isobelle | Aspiga

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