Urban Pubs & Bars working with Curbside.

Working Together

Who is Urban Pubs & Bars?

Urban Pubs & Bars operates an estate of over 40 multi-format venues across London. Our ethos focuses on acquiring the best sites in the right locations and partnering with operators who are just as passionate about the industry as we are.

Previous Waste Management Experience?

We have worked with Curbside for over four years now. By close of play in 2020 they handled the refuse management of only a handful of our sites. At the time we used a hodgepodge of various council and private operators, who peaked and troughed in their performance and cost. As we grew it became evident that consolidating the estate with one provider was a sensible solution, as it was becoming problematic and time-consuming to manage.

Curbside Solution?

We decided to partner solely with Curbside in early 2021, and despite a global pandemic shortly after and the absurd challenges it brought to both our sectors, we are still both going strong today! Curbside has, for the most part, excelled as our waste management provider since then. Whenever there have been obstacles or challenges they have dealt with them as swiftly as reasonably possible. There has only been one problem they couldn’t solve for us, and even then they had the humility to suggest a competitor, due to their strong presence in the area. Despite the risk, not only did that suggestion work out, it made us even more confident that Curbside is the right solution for us in the future.

New Experience with Curbside?

As we’ve grown as a company, we’ve seen many of our suppliers grow with us, as well as fail to keep up with our growing requirements. We feel that Curbside is a perfect partner for us at this stage, as they themselves have enjoyed very healthy growth since the pandemic. Further to that, as we’ve grown together we haven’t forgotten the importance of maintaining a close personal (and honest) working relationship.

"Whenever there have been obstacles or challenges they have dealt with them as swiftly as reasonably possible."

Josh | Urban Pubs & Bars

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